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Dr. Oz says there are a few ways you can aid your vagus and reduce your negative reactions to stress.

First is to breathe correctly from your diaphragm. Dr. Oz says this powerful muscle in your stomach can calm the vagus.

Another is through meditation or prayer. "That can strip decades, literally, off your life," Dr. Oz says. If, like Dr. Oz, you find still meditation difficult, you can also use techniques like tai chi or chi-gongwhich Dr. Oz says is an "easier version" of tai chi.

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Dr. Oz also has a couple of tricks to reduce stress. For one, lick your lips and suck in. The cooling sensation is actually an anti-stress tool.

For the second, you're going to have to put a cork in itliterally. Open your mouth wide and put a cork between your teeth. Dr. Oz says this will reduce stress because it relaxes the large masseter muscles and the temporomandibular joint on the side of your face. If the cork is too big to go in your mouth vertically, Dr. Oz says it's okay to use it horizontally, too.
FROM: Dr. Oz on Aging: How to Turn Back Time
Published on January 01, 2006
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