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At the other end of the scale is Maricelly. Because Maricelly says she smokes, drinks, eats poorly and struggled with the strength tests, Dr. Oz says her body is approximately 15 years older than her calendar age. Dr Oz says the good news is that she can turn it around in just three months.

"The ultimate question that you ought to be asking yourself is, 'Would you do to someone else's body what you're doing to your body?' That's the love you ought to have for it," Dr. Oz says. "That's the best way I can express it. The beauty is, now that you know that, you can change it."

The first step of the YOU: Staying Young program is a two-week plan.

Start the YOU: Staying Young two-week plan today.

In just 14 days, Dr. Oz says, your brain begins to shift and think about the world differently. In three months you can start to affect your life expectancy and in three years, you can reverse nearly any negative past behavior, he says. "Remember you can't get rid of your bad habits," Dr. Oz says. "You've got to replace them with good ones. But you can do it."
FROM: Dr. Oz on Aging: How to Turn Back Time
Published on January 01, 2006
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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