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After learning about Dr. Oz's aging test for men, you'll never look at postage stamps the same way again.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder many men develop as they get older. The first signs of this disorder are usually overlooked because they occur while men sleep, Dr. Oz says. "At nighttime, men won't get natural erections, which happen when [they] fall asleep."

To determine whether a man's penis is becoming erect at night, doctors developed a simple medical test that costs less than $3 to perform.

Before falling asleep, Dr. Oz says a man should take a roll or row of connected stampsbetween four and six, depending on the size of the penisand wrap it gently around the flaccid penis. Carefully moisten and connect the stamps on the ends to form a complete ring.

If the perforations are broken the next morning, that means the penis became erect and is functioning properly. If the stamps are still attached, Dr. Oz says you may have a problem.

Testing for erectile disorders during intercourse isn't as effective as the stamp test, Dr. Oz says. "[During sex], there are emotional things that hold you back. Guys, when they get nervous about whether it's going to work, they begin to panic. All of a sudden it doesn't worknot because it couldn't workbut because your brain wasn't working with it," he says. "We want to differentiate how much of it is [psychological] and how much of it is [physical]."
FROM: Dr. Oz on Aging: How to Turn Back Time
Published on January 01, 2006
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