Dr. Mehmet Oz
A company's most precious resource is its employees, and a growing number of employers are beginning to realize that what benefits the health of their employees can benefit the entire business. In fact, many studies have shown there are $3 to $6 returns for every dollar invested in the health of employees. Dr. Oz talks to real-world nutrition expert Dr. Ann Kulze about corporate wellness and shares simple lifestyle changes that can help you lose weight and live longer.

Appreciating that improving employee health increases productivity, Dr. Kulze works with companies to get the message out on proper nutrition and help create a workplace environment that is consistent with that message. Some of the ways companies can get on board is by serving healthy foods in their cafeterias and vending machines, subsidizing gym memberships—even throwing a treadmill or two in their hallways.

Whether speaking at offices or to her patients, Dr. Kulze says there are a few strong messages she likes to get out. First, she cautions people against "The Great White Hazards"—white flour products, white rice, white potatoes and sugar. Her simple nutritional motto, "See white, think fat, think disease," helps drive the point home that these foods increase appetite and put your body in fat storage mode.

Dr. Kulze cites another piece of data that she says really motivates people to get serious about their health. According to Harvard's Nurses Health Study, if you take 2 percent of your daily calories that were in the form of trans fat and substitute with a healthy form of fat, you can decrease your risk for heart disease by 54 percent! When you give people the facts, says Dr. Kulze, people will start to make the right health choices.