Bob Greene
The Pilates Method of physical fitness training is a form of exercise that Bob says he is asked about most often. Bob talks with long-time Pilates instructor Lisa Willingham about why Pilates is more than just an exercise trend.

Lisa says she discovered Pilates more than 15 years ago as a professional dancer in New York City. "A lot of dancers trained in Pilates to prevent injuries or to come back from an injury to rehabilitate," she says. The method, started by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920s, also tones muscles and strengthens joints, Lisa says. "You also can change the shape and look of your body with Pilates," she says. "I saw results in two weeks, because I started training every day with a personal trainer."

Body alignment, controlled breathing and correct positioning are at the core of a good Pilates workout, Lisa says. Whether you are looking to lose weight, sculpt your body or prevent injuries, Lisa says Pilates could be the perfect exercise for you. "It's an overall body workout," she says. "When I look back on my professional career, I think because I started training in Pilates so early, I have never had a serious injury."


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