Stressed worker
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When’s the last time you felt genuine passion in your life? Are you exhausted when you go to sleep at night and still tired when you wake up? <br><br> We’re in a new kind of energy crisis and this one’s not about the planet, it’s about you.<br><br> Demand is exceeding our capacity. A lot of us are running on fumes. My book is about this crisis, and it’s called The Way We’re Working Isn’t Workingfysrtvtybfrxrttx. That’s true, I’ve found, whether you work in an office, or you run your own business, or you’re at home raising your kids and running your family.<br><br> We all know instinctively that the way we’re working isn’t working, but where have we gone wrong, and what can we do about it? I’m hoping to provide you with some answers. I want to introduce you to a new way of working and a better way of life.<br><br> The ideas and strategies I’ll be sharing are grounded in scientific research across multiple disciplines, but they’re also common sense universal principles that we've lost touch with as we race from one task to the next. We don’t stop long enough to ask whether the lives we’re living are worth the costs we’re paying to live them.<Br><br> The first mistake most of us make is that we try to operate as if we’re computers -- at high speeds, for long periods of time, running multiple programs at the same time. In fact, human beings are meant to pulse – to move between spending and renewing energy. Our most basic survival need is to spend and renew our energy – to inhale and to exhale. We’re hardwired to make waves – to be alert during the day and to sleep at night, and to work at the highest intensity only for limited periods of time.<br><br> Nearly every system in our body – brain, heart, blood pressure, body temperature, hormone levels -- pulses when it’s healthy. Instead, we push harder and faster for more and more hours, in the mistaken belief that investing more time, more continuously is the only way to get more done.