Oprah's Snack Secrets
A Special Cup of Tea
To transform an ordinary cup of tea into a special treat, Oprah adds mulling spices (a mix of cinnamon, allspice and cloves) and lemon and orange slices. And she always drinks the tea from a beautiful cup. "I make it into a ritual," she explains. "I [used to be] one of those people—like so many of you who are mothers and nurturers—I could give anything to everybody else, but when it came time to do it for myself … I felt like I wasn't worth the trouble. … I [now] realize that I really am worth the trouble—just as you are—and so I make it beautiful for myself."

Oprah uses this tea as part of her evening ritual in order to avoid snacking after her strict 7:30 p.m. eating cut-off time. Just be sure to use caffeine free herbal tea!