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Pull the Trigger
Some of the foods that are known to trigger migraines include coffee or caffeine, wines, cheese, smoked meats, sugar, chocolate and anything with the chemical MSG. If you're prone to headaches and regularly indulge in these foods, eliminate them one by one from your diet to see if you can find the link between what you put in your mouth and what you feel in your head.

Same goes for some of the other triggers. For example, if your migraines might be caused by fluctuations in estrogen, talk to your doc about stabilizing medications that have a lot of estrogen, such as birth control pills—several are available that cycle only four times a year; Seasonique and Seasonale are two common ones. For once-yearly periods, consider Lybrel.

While you can treat your headaches with pain meds, the better course of action is to find the cause and stop them from occurring in the first place.
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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