5 Ways to Remix Your Same Old Workout
To change up your sweat routine, give your yoga mat a break and try one of these new classes.
SoulCycle illustration

Fans of this thigh-quaking class lift hand weights, do modified push-ups, and work their core with crunches—all while furiously peddling spinning bikes.
Physique 57 illustration
Physique 57

Favored by celebrities like Kelly Ripa and Emmy Rossum, Physique 57 shifts between isometric exercises, like leg scissors and pulse squats, and deep stretches.
piloxing illustration

Created by a Swedish trainer and dancer, this unlikely hybrid of Pilates and boxing marries flexibility with fancy footwork and punching drills.
aerial yoga illustration
Aerial Yoga

Remember Pink's midair performance in a silk hammock at the 2010 Grammy Awards? AntiGravity has created a yoga-infused class full of similar aerial moves.
forza illustration

The Italian word for strength, Forza turns samurai sword training (using a wooden sword called a bokken) into a powerful workout for your arms, core and legs.