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Photo of yoga champ Jared McCann by Lance Smith

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The Fitness Prop You're Seeing Everywhere: Wobbly Boards
What it is: Paddleboards allow you to do yoga on the water, Surfset boards are used for "surfing" on land, and, for the most meta of workouts, you can use an Indo yoga board to practice yoga on the water...on land.

Why you should try it: Whether on sea—or on land that's made to feel like the sea—these boards provide an unstable surface that works muscles in your core and lower body as you try not to fall off. They're also a great way to improve your balance.

Keep in mind: Because your feet are your main connection to your board, you may find yourself gripping tightly with your toes and tensing your arches, says Dawn Ehman, a certified fitness instructor in Ocean City, Maryland, who teaches stand-up paddleboard yoga as well as Indo board yoga classes. This can lead to a slight burning feeling or post-workout soreness. Before getting on-board, Ehman suggests warming up by pointing and flexing your toes and rotating your feet to loosen your ankles.


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