Hitting the treadmill day after day can get boring, but there are plenty of fitness options for people who need to spice up their workout routines. Bob says there might be a gym class in your hometown or a DVD at the store that will inspire you to step up your fitness goals. "We are talking about unique workouts and workouts that really test the imagination, keep you motivated, keep you excited," he says.

In the late 1980s, world karate champion Billy Blanks discovered that, despite his sculpted physique, his cardiovascular system was not in top condition. He says he incorporated karate and taekwondo into a dance and aerobics routine and the results left him in the best shape of his life. He called the routine, which marries strength training, flexibility training, endurance training and cardio, Tae Bo. The name is also an acronym for Total Awareness Excellence Body Obedience. "It brings [it all] together so people can get that opportunity to get their own workout by using their own body," he says.

Billy took Tae Bo mainstream through videos and DVDs, and now people around the world are getting in shape and enjoying themselves while they do it. He says he plans to continue offering people more inspiring workouts through his new program, Amped.

College friends Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough have always been involved in athletics—from dance and ice skating to gymnastics and yoga. Years after college, they used their love of fitness to come up with Yoga Booty Ballet, a workout program that incorporates yoga, body sculpting and dance. "It's very creative, it's fun, it's silly, it's expressive ... it also gives great results physically," Teigh says.

Despite its fun and goofy name, Gillian says Yoga Booty Ballet is rooted in spirituality. "One of the agendas that we promote is being affirmative, and being positive and taking action with your life," she says. Teigh says the upbeat workout transforms lives from the inside out. "It addresses a lot of layers, it works on people's self-esteem and we use visualization, we use positive mantras, and it is also a [great] workout," she says. "You are dripping in sweat when you are done."

With a studio located in Los Angeles and 17 different Yoga Booty Ballet DVDs sold nationwide, Gillian and Teigh say their booty-shaping style of fitness is catching on in a major way—but they're just starting. "I think we've got more people to reach and more to do," Gillian says

With 14 stripper poles and a bar made especially for people to dance on, Flirty Girl Fitness might sound more like a racy nightclub than gym. Sisters Kerry and Krista Knee say they created Flirty Girl Fitness to help women feel sexy and have fun while getting into shape. "We know most women hate to work out and so our concept was, 'Let's make the un-gym,'" Kerry says.

Pink chandeliers, a nail bar and sundeck are standard at both the Chicago- and Toronto-based Flirty Girl Fitness clubs. "It's really set up to be more of a high-end social club for women—almost a fantasyland for women," Krista says. Part of the fantasy are the sexy classes taught at the club, such as sexy stripping, chair stripteases, pole dancing and more. "It's honestly fitness pole dancing and it is such an amazing workout," Kerry says.

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