How to Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sleep Cave
Making just a few changes to your space will practically guarantee you'll sleep better.
sleep friendly room
Add Some Color To Your White Noise
What You Tried: Random, unfamiliar sounds can pull you out of RB sleep and make it hard to fall back into it. Even if you're able to silence every beep, whistle and clang in your home, you can't control nature—or neighbors. Many people swear by white noise machines, which combine sounds of different frequencies to block out audio interruptions.

What You Should Try: New research highlights the benefits of blended sounds with a consistent frequency. Pink noise, so named because light with a similar power spectrum would be perceived as pink, helped people sleep better and longer—75 percent of study participants reported a more restful sleep or nap with pink noise than with silence.

Go Pink: The study author told Prevention magazine that people can create this sound at home with fans, apps or gadgets that produce steady, uninterrupted sound, like falling rain or blowing wind.