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To help Mississippians in their weight loss battle, Oprah and fitness guru Bob Greene are introducing the Best Life Challenge. "Next year, we want [Mississippians] to move out of being the worst-ranked state for fat people in the United States," Oprah says. "We're going to change that here in the state of Mississippi. Yes, we are!"

Oprah and Bob visit the town of Meridian, where about 4,000 enthusiastic people turn out in the town square to hear about the Best Life Challenge. "To live your best life is a gift you give yourself every single day of your life. This is a lifestyle," Bob says. "This is not a crash way of life, a crash diet. It's about making changes, and it's one of the toughest things we can do."

Thousands of people agree to sign Best Life contracts committing to take control of their lives and end their struggle with weight. "When the nation sees what Meridian can do, it will be a shining example for other people all over the world," Oprah says. "So I thank you for being here and for making the commitment to live a better life for yourself."
FROM: Oprah and Bob's Best Life Challenge
Published on March 14, 2008


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