Brie realized her weight problem after seeing herself on videotape.

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Brie's Unhealthy Routine
Every year since 1992, Brie says she has gained 10–15 pounds a year. "When I graduated from college and got married, it was a steady gain. There was no working out. At all," she says. "I tried eating very little during the day. And when I went back to eating normally, all the weight came back and then some."

Like so many, Brie eventually fell into an unhealthy routine. After work, she'd settle in on the couch, turn on the television and ask her husband to pick up some fast food for dinner.

Brie's weight tipped the scale at 215 pounds, but she didn't realize she had a problem until seeing a shocking home video. "There I was on the videotape with my daughter in a bathing suit and I was shocked," Brie says. "It was shattering to me to see myself looking that large. I left the room in tears. I was devastated."
FROM: Bob Greene's Best Life Diet
Published on January 01, 2006