Nuts can help reduce your bad cholesterol.

1. Nuts
Sprinkle two ounces on your cereal or salad each day to reduce your LDL ("bad") cholesterol by 14 percent.
Fruits and vegetables have many health benefits.

2. Fruits and Vegetables
Eat five, 3/4 cup servings daily to lower your blood pressure, slash your risk of cancer, and lower your heart disease risk by 21 percent.
Eat three servings of fish every week.

3. Fish
Have three servings every week (good choices include baked trout or broiled wild salmon). Women of childbearing age and young children should stick to two servings a week and avoid large predatory fish, such as swordfish, albacore tuna, and shark. You'll cut your risk of heart disease and stroke by 14 percent.
Dark chocolate

4. Dark Chocolate
Savor two ounces with a minimum of 60 percent cocoa content each day, and your risk of cardiovascular disease dips 11 percent.
Garlic can lower risk of heart disease.

5. Garlic
Add just one clove (cooked or raw) daily to pasta, salad, or a stir-fry to drop your LDL cholesterol. This can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke by 38 percent.
Wine can reduce your risk of heart disease.

6. Wine
Sip a five-ounce glass each evening to cut your risk of heart disease by 32 percent.


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