Live Your Best Life Weekend contributors
Photo: George Burns
1. "I really believe when you give to other people, you give to yourself." — Oprah

2. "When you do the thing you fear, the thing loses its power to scare." — Martha Beck

3. "Mistakes will be made. Failure will occur. You pick yourself up and carry on." — Elizabeth Gilbert

4. "It is people who give you a raise or get you a job. It is people who control money." — Suze Orman

5. "Your attitude will determine your altitude in life. Let go of any baggage you can." — Donna Brazile

6. "You have to be the expert on your own body. Everything is a clue." — Dr. Oz

7. "Design is not about the money or keeping up with anyone else. It's about the story behind [your choices]." — Nate Berkus

8. "Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor—it's anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living." — Peter Walsh

9. "I think the best accessory you can wear is confidence." — Adam Glassman

10. "When your to-do list has you coming undone, you have to step back and come back to center. Without a connection to something that is real, you will lose your way." — Oprah

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