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Follow Ancient Wisdom for Eating Well

Discover the tastes you didn't know you'd been missing.
"According to Ayurveda, a simple way to make sure you are getting a balanced diet is to include every taste in each meal. Six tastes are recognized: the four usual ones—sweet, sour, salty and bitter—along with two more, pungent and stringent. Essentially, these six tastes are supplied by the whole range of foods in nature. In the centuries that preceded modern nutrition, including all six in every meal ensured that the major food groups and nutrients were represented, but it also provided a feeling of complete satisfaction. When you finish a meal feeling satisfied, you will be much less likely to find yourself raiding the refrigerator two hours later, driven by a sense of lack."

Reprinted from the book What Are You Hungry For? The Chopra Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, Well-Being, and Lightness of Soul by Deepak Chopra. Copyright 2013 by Deepak Chopra. Published by Harmony Books, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House LLC, a Penguin Random House Company.


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