5 Health Food Fake-Outs
Think virtuous packaging means you're eating right? Think again.
turkey burger
You can't always judge a food by its label. A low-fat option might be loaded with unhealthy oils, while veggie offerings can include unhealthy amounts of sugar and salt. Here, the scoop on five supposedly good-for-you foods and what you're better off eating.

Turkey Burger

Reality Check
We think of turkey as healthier than red meat because it has less saturated fat, but in terms of total fat and calories, they can be virtually identical. Unless the patty is made with 93 percent lean meat, steer clear, says dietitian Kate Geagan, author of Go Green, Get Lean.

Smart Swap
Choose wild salmon burgers, which are full of omega-3 fatty acids to benefit your brain and heart and also contain vitamin D. Look for Trident Seafoods frozen salmon burgers in your grocer's freezer aisle.