Dr. Mehmet Oz
Many Americans who were affected by the death of Tim Russert were under the impression that Tim seemed to be in control of his health and was managing his risk factors, like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, Dr. Oz says. But omentum, or belly fat, is the number one indicator that you are at risk for a heart attack. Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen talk about five steps to losing this belly fat and living a healthier life.

  • Cut out all added simple sugars. Syrups and any foods that end in -ose should be removed from your diet, Dr. Oz says.
  • Don't drink too much alcohol. "Alcohol increases the creation of triglycerides (you want that number under 100)," Dr. Oz says. "Plus alcohol is a simple carbohydrate."
  • Sleep. "When you don't sleep, the part of the brain that craves sleep has to make up for it," Dr. Oz says. "[So] it craves simple carbohydrates."
  • Manage stress. "Having a waist size more than half of your height is a great example of how you're coping with stress," Dr. Oz says. If your number is more than half, you run into progressive problems, and it also reflects that you're not coping with stress the way you want to.
  • Walk. If you walk at a good pace, you won't get hurt and you'll build up that core muscle that helps you get rid of the belly fat. Dr. Roizen says that walking also decreases insulin resistance. "Insulin is a mailman that takes sugar from your blood stream and puts it inside your cells," he says. "It decreases hunger because the hunger goes away when you get sugar inside the cells."
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