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With two children at home, Gwyneth says it's more difficult to commit to leading roles in films. "I love acting, but I have two little kids, and it's 14 hours a day out of the house," she says. "You don't get that time back."

While shooting a film in New York City, Gwyneth says she came home every night thinking about what she'd missed. "I left the house while my kids were asleep, and I came home and my kids were asleep," she says. "I walked into their room, and I just cried. I mean, it was pathetic. I was like, 'What am I doing? I missed the whole day. I don't know what they said today. I don't know what they ate. I don't know where they went.' I just felt terrible."

Gwyneth says she's always looking for great supporting roles that require less of her time. Recently, she signed on to a project that's completely out of her comfort zone. She and her pal chef Mario Batali set out on a culinary road trip across Spain, which was filmed for a 13-part PBS documentary.

See where the food lovers' adventure took Gwyneth and Mario!
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Published on September 17, 2008