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Post-baby weight wasn't the only issue Gwyneth had to contend with after her son's birth. She says she also struggled with postnatal depression, something she didn't experience after having her daughter, Apple, in 2004.

"It was very strange because I wasn't expecting it at all...not that you would expect it," she says. "After I had Apple, I would characterize it as postnatal euphoria. I was on cloud nine. I was in this bubble. Then, when I had him, I just didn't feel okay. I didn't feel right. He came out and I was like, 'This is really strange. It's not the same. What's wrong with me?' Then, I just went down kind of a slippery slope with it."

For six months, Gwyneth says she felt like a flat line. "I didn't realize what was wrong with me. I just thought, 'I'm not myself. I'm not connected.' I didn't feel integrated in my body," she says. "I wish I had known because I would have gone on medication or addressed it in some way or done something."

Eventually, Gwyneth says Tracy's workouts and a healthier diet helped her break through the darkness. "I started exercising, and I started recommitting to eating well, because when I was pregnant, I was eating doughnuts and kind of bad food," she says. "I have a real thing for fried dough."
FROM: How Gwyneth Paltrow Got That Body! Plus, Chef Mario Batali
Published on September 17, 2008


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