Dr. Dean Ornish
Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women? It's estimated that one out of every two women will die from heart disease. Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease
Dr. Dean Ornish says that reversing heart damage is possible. Learn how to fight heart disease with some key changes in diet and lifestyle.

Eat Right For a Healthy heart: Dr. Dean Ornish
Find out what foods to eat to reduce your risk of heart disease, change your cholesterol and Dr. Ornish's Printable Food Spectrum Chart and recipes from gourmet chef Dennis Malone.

Heart-Healthy Recipes: Dr. Andrew Weil and Rosie Daley
Learn how to cook delicious recipes from their new book The Healthy Kitchen that are quick, easy and most importantly, delicious. Plus, Dr. Weil explains why the foods in these recipes are good for your heart and general health.