Japanese chicken teriyaki and pad thai

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Teriyaki vs. Pad Thai
Jibrin says all the ingredients in pad thai are swimming in oil, which brings calories in the typical takeout box up to 1,140 and saturated fat to 7 grams. You're better off with a similar-size order of chicken teriyaki, which has 30 percent fewer calories than pad thai and about the same amount of protein.

Healthier Teriyaki: Jibrin recommends no more than a cup of rice (about the size of two fists) and another cup of chicken with teriyaki sauce. Order an all-vegetable side, and again, substitute brown rice for white. Inquire about low-sodium teriyaki sauce. (Like all takeout, both these dishes are loaded with sodium: 2,700 to 5,200 milligrams. The recommended amount is only 1,500 to 2,300 milligrams per day.)

Healthier Pad Thai: Request double the vegetables (usually bean sprouts, onions and scallions). The rice noodles are a waste of calories, and there are a lot of them, so aim to eat only about the size of three fists' worth of this dish.