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Don't resolve to: Work less.
Have you ever wondered why your CEO always looks so rested and focused—more rested and focused than people on the lower branches of the org tree (like, say, you)? A leadership study from Harvard Business School may provide some insight. Researchers found that people with more responsibilities often had lower levels of stress hormone levels, less anxiety and lower burnout rates. They concluded that certain forms of leadership—those that give people a sense of power and strengthen their morale—boost a sense of control and, as a result, provide a buffer against inevitable stress.

Do resolve to: Work strategically. Even if you aren't a CEO, make choices like one. Try to minimize the amount of time and effort you spend on busywork and invest your energy in work that makes you feel empowered—which may mean volunteering to head up a project, getting involved with a new initiative or taking on tasks that showcase your talents.
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