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Fortunately, after taking his medication, Bill's blood pressure lowers, and with lower test results, Dr. Gulati clears him to continue.

Now the full results are in and Dr. Gulati has some news for the six challengers that they probably don't want to hear—all six are classifiably obese, not just overweight. "That means that your body mass index is greater than 30," she says. If their BMIs were between 25 and 30, they would be classified as overweight not obese, Dr. Gulati says.

To confirm the dispiriting diagnosis of obesity, Dr. Gulati says she also measured each person's body fat. An ideal measurement would be between 16 and 20 percent body fat. Meanwhile, "everyone is more than 40 percent body fat," she says. "Tracy will be shocked to hear she's almost half body fat."

Of course, the challengers aren't alone. "This is how America looks. And actually, 60 percent of America is overweight or obese. We're getting worse and worse. It's an epidemic in the United States both in children and adults."
FROM: The Best Life Diet Weight Loss Challenge: The Launch
Published on January 01, 2006


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