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Bill, a father of two from Boston, knows the value of exercise—he owns four health clubs! Despite his access to exercise equipment, Bill now weighs 293 pounds. "I feel like a fraud when I go into my business," he says.

Driving from club to club, Bill does most of his eating in the car. Fast food wrappers, soda bottles and the fruit he was supposed to eat are strewn all over the floorboard as evidence.

At home, Bill's wife is eight months pregnant with their third child, but he jokes that people keep asking him when he's due. When he married his wife Kerry, he weighed just 175 pounds. "We don't even have our wedding picture up because you wouldn't believe it was him," Kerry says. "It's a dramatic change."

A few weeks before embarking on the Best Life Weight Loss Challenge, Bill started sleeping in his home's office. His snoring, which is exacerbated by obesity, was keeping his wife awake at night. "[It] puts a tremendous strain on our relationship," he says. "[It's] a very sad state to say I can't control my eating that I'm now living in the office."

With his health and his marriage at stake, Bill says he knew he couldn't continue living like this. "My wife said to me, 'I'm looking forward to a point where I can believe you when you say you're going to do something,'" he says. "'Even more than that, I am excited for you to be able to believe yourself.'"
FROM: The Best Life Diet Weight Loss Challenge: The Launch
Published on January 01, 2006


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