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After hearing about Bob's new diet plan, Tracy, a married computer software project manager from Chicago, says she went out and bought batteries for her scale. "I put them in my scale and then nearly fell over," she says. "I realized I weighed 239 pounds."

Although Tracy has been heavy her whole life, she says it was especially hard to feel fat on her wedding day. "I was worried if the cameraman was going to catch my double chin, if he was going to get a bulge of fat at the top of my dress," she says.

Now, Tracy says her weight is starting to affect her marriage. "It feels terrible to feel like the whole world thinks that you're not as attractive as your husband," she says. "I make a conscious effort [to make] sure that I'm getting dressed when he's not around. I don't want him to see me. Why show him something that's going to possibly make him love me less?"

Tracy says she thinks about being overweight every day…and she's tired of feeling that way. "When I got on the scale and saw [the number] … I really made a promise to myself," she says. "No more lies. No more antics. No more starting a diet tomorrow."
FROM: The Best Life Diet Weight Loss Challenge: The Launch
Published on January 01, 2006


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