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When LaToya, a 32-year-old student living in New York City, isn't studying for her PhD in psychology, she's out on the town with friends. "I enjoy restaurants and socializing with my family and friends," she says.

If LaToya's not eating out, she's usually ordering in. She says her idea of a balanced diet is having plenty of menus in the apartment. "Takeout menus are my life!" she says.

LaToya also keeps exercise equipment in her apartment, but she says her elliptical machine mainly serves as a makeshift coatrack.

For years, LaToya says she's struggled with her weight and feelings of insecurity. "Being single in this city, having the social life that I have has made me realize that there are so many beautiful men around, and I love beautiful men," she says. "[But] I feel very self-conscious around them. I immediately think that they couldn't be interested in me."

A month before starting the Best Life Diet, LaToya says she heard Oprah say that she wasted her entire 30s worrying about her weight. "It hit me like a ton of bricks," she says. "That was it for me, I didn't want that. … I don't want to spend this time worrying about something I have control over."
FROM: The Best Life Diet Weight Loss Challenge: The Launch
Published on January 01, 2006


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