5 Global Fitness Secrets You Can Steal
They may be seen as unremarkable habits in their home countries, but they can boost your cardio fitness and flexibility.
Japanese office workers doing organized stretching
Japan: Limbering Up Before Logging On
Everyone in Japan recognizes the cheerful piano tune and knows what comes next: arms up! Japan's national radio station plays 15 minutes of this exercise music every morning with cues to guide people through the routine. (The same series of calisthenics is taught in many schools.) "Radio exercises," or organized group stretching, dates back to the 1920s in this country, and there are still around 28 million people performing versions of the routines daily. Primary school students, elderly people who gather in parks, and corporate suits who reach and bend in the office all recognize that stretching helps blood flow to the muscles, increases flexibility, and wakes up the body. You can follow along with the traditional Japanese routine, or you can try some of Dr. Oz's favorite wake-up moves.