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Guests Shonna and Judy are up next for their turn on the swing. Gayle's terror didn't reassure them much, but they are ready to go! "I have a huge fear of heights, so I'm ready to conquer this fear," Shonna says. "I've been telling myself all night that if I can conquer this fear, then I can conquer any fear that I have in my life. So I'm going all the way, and I'm swinging!"

For Shonna, the challenge was about more than just overcoming her fear of heights. She says she was molested by a relative when she was 10 years old. For her, Swing and a Prayer is a chance to put the pain of the past behind her. "I just pictured all the bad things that happened to me—everything. Every single thing," she says. "I'm letting go of the past."

For Judy, this task is also a healing experience. Judy's husband, Brent, died suddenly four months before her Miraval trip, leaving her to raise five young children by herself. By letting go of the rope, she hopes to bring some happiness back into her life. "I'm very afraid of heights, but I love to swing. What I want to do today, I guess, is just find a place of joy, like that childhood joy, because I think that's something I haven't connected with in a while," she says.

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Judy says the experience has taught her that she needs to remain focused on the important things in her life. "I always believed in myself, I thought, but now I see that I didn't, and that I can and that I'm going to make my priorities my priority," she says. "Not only will I gain from this, but I think most of all that my kids will because I'm not going to be so scattered. I'll be more living in the moment with them."