Gayle holds the rope for dear life.


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Gayle's up next! She says she's ready to conquer her fear of heights—and here's her chance. "Everyone keeps saying that Swing and a Prayer is a good exercise for that, although I'm always skeptical when a harness is involved that this is a fun experience," she says. "But everyone who's done this says that this is a good thing, so I wanted to try it...sort of."

When it's Gayle's turn to strap into the harness, she gets a little nervous. "I just don't want to look like a fool," she says. "I'm not interested in good TV, where you look like the fool!" As she finally reaches the top, Gayle really doesn't want to let go of the rope. "What's preventing you from letting go?" Molly asks. Gayle yells, "Fear!"

As Molly gives helpful advice and prompts her about intentions, it's Oprah's turn to tease Gayle, who dangles high above the ground. "Why are you asking all those questions? It's going to feel like a rollercoaster, that's all!" she says. "I hate roller coasters!" Gayle says.

Finally, with the encouragement of Oprah, Molly and the others, Gayle finally lets go—and takes off flying! "That was very frightening to me, and I will never do it again," Gayle says.