Oprah on a Swing and a Prayer


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Oprah is the first up for the high-flying Swing and a Prayer adventure. She climbs to the top of a ladder, where she is strapped into a harness that's attached to a rope. As she holds a second rope in her hands, the rest of the group hoists her 40 feet above the ground. Next, all Oprah has to do is let go of the cord, and she will swing freely through the air. "Molly says that this exercise is a metaphor for life. Letting go of the rope is supposed to represent letting go of what is holding us back in our lives," Oprah says.

As Oprah dangles high above the ground, she asks Molly what will happen. "I haven't seen anybody else do it. So which way am I going?" Oprah asks. "And then how do I let you know when I'm done? ... What do I hold onto while I'm swinging?" But as Oprah tries to find her bearings, Gayle gets a little impatient. "I'm surprised you're asking all these questions. Just let go!" she shouts.

Finally, Oprah releases the rope—and soars! "Fun! More joy!" Oprah says when she's back on solid ground.

"The Miraval folks were wonderful because they really coach you in doing it with intention," Oprah says. "Otherwise, you're just up there swinging from a rope."


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