Molly coaches the women on their intentions.


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After arriving at the spa, the women get right to work. There is no lounging here! Their first big challenge is called Swing and a Prayer, in which the women must test their limits by swinging from a cord high above the ground.

"I'd been there many times, but I'd never done any of this before. I was usually going for the pampering ... and the Thai massage," Oprah says. "But this time, because I was with all of these other women who were really pushing themselves to the limit, I thought, 'Okay, I'm going to stretch out a little bit.'"

Before they get started, Miraval challenge facilitator Molly sets the tone. "When I ask you, 'What is your intention?' Really all I want to know is how do you want to experience this today?" she says.

Each member of the group shares her goals for the day's exercise—including Oprah. "I just want more joy. I'm already pretty joyful, so I'd like to take some more of that. More joy," she says.


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