Get Through the Holidays...Stress-Free!

By Norman E. Rosenthal, MD

The holidays provide us with a great time to enjoy family and friends, and if we play our cards right, they can be remembered as a joyful, harmonious and relaxing time by everyone. If this year finds you experiencing some winter doldrums, this advice should revitalize your bah humbug spirit!

Quick Tips for Happier Holidays
  • List three things you would like, or would like to accomplish, in 2005. Then for each, write three steps that will bring your wish closer.
  • Let a driver make a turn while you wait. Smile and wave!
  • Donate to a charity whose work you genuinely admire. Giving really is better than receiving—really!
  • Let somebody else get on the escalator, off the elevator, through the grocery line, first.