4 Playful Workouts the Kid in You Will Love
Is it possible to rediscover the silly, sweaty joy of playing—and still get a good workout? Four O editors find out.
Aqua Zumba
Try it if you like:
The Latin-dance-inspired fitness craze known as Zumba.

Health perks:
Water provides 12 to 14 times the resistance of exercising on land, so even simple moves (like high kicks or tossing a beach ball while treading in the deep end) are more challenging.

Goofiness factor:
I love to dance...after two or three cocktails. But while I'm far too self-conscious to shake my groove thing in Zumba, I was drawn to Aqua Zumba because the grooving happens underwater, where no one can see. My first class made me feel as if I were 7 years old again. Imagine a pool party complete with foam noodles, splashing, even hooting and hollering—set to reggae and calypso. We probably seemed silly to the lifeguard, but kids don't worry about seeming silly, and by the time we were riding noodles across the pool, neither did I. (

Fun scale: 8/10

—Catherine DiBenedetto, articles editor