Follow-Up with Wynonna
Ashley and Naomi Judd
During Wynonna's second appearance on the show, we watched her talk with her mother Naomi about her weight problem for the very first time. This topic has always been strictly off limits. Sister Ashley said the real problem was that Wynonna never knew who her real dad was—a secret Naomi had kept from Wynonna until she was 30 years old.

After the show, Wynonna returned home to Nashville, where her counselor advised her to watch the show again.

"I sort of fell into a little bit of a depression over the stuff I had opened up [about]. It affected my relationship with my mom and with Ashley. I realized how much I miss my sister and I don't see her. She left right after the show, and I was literally paralyzed...there's a longing there with Ashley. All those years I missed with her."