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Stacey's mom, Faith, has been by Stacey's side throughout her arduous weight loss. Throughout that time, she has suffered the highs and lows along with her daughter. "It is very emotional. I have ambivalent feelings," Faith says. "I want her to be whole, but I also worry about her. I know that she's got to do this. She's very brave. And I want to see her put together, you know. But I'm very apprehensive and I think anybody watching is going to understand why. She's in very good hands and I'm happy about that."

Faith says that living with Stacey when she was so heavy was difficult. "We did not have a normal family life. She hid from everybody. She was embarrassed. She didn't want to come to family functions. She didn't want to come to her brother's wedding, but I insisted upon that. I said she'd be sorry. And she now says I was right, you know."
FROM: How Much Weight Has Kirstie Alley Lost?
Published on May 16, 2005


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