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"The Patch"

Technically referred to as "nicotine transdermal patch system," you can purchase the patch at your drugstore without a prescription—though it is worth investigating whether your insurance plan covers it as prescription.

Dr. Seidman says your required dosage corresponds to your habit. You can replace a pack-a-day habit with a 21 mg patch; or replace 10 or fewer cigarettes a day with 14 mg or 7 mg patches.

Place the patch on your upper body above your waist. Most people put it on a hairless part of the upper arm. Remember to rotate it daily to help avoid rashes. If you feel the patch disturbs your sleep, just take it off before going to bed.

If you started with the 21 mg patch, taper down to 14 mg or 7 mg when you feel successful and confident. If you feel any side effects—a rash is the most common—discuss it with your doctor.

Chew nicotine gum.
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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