Dr. Oz's 7 Rules for a Healthy Vacation
A checklist of tips for eating right, sleeping well, and staying fit and safe—all while having a blast.
Dr. Oz
Among the many excellent health excuses for taking a break from the daily grind, I have one clear favorite: New activities and environments can stimulate your senses in such a way that your neurons begin to form novel synaptic connections, actually changing the structure of your brain and helping you experience life afresh. So when you're on vacation, your number one priority should be to soak up the sights and sounds around you, and not do much of anything else.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your body running well without trying too hard—from rehydrating with coconut water to eating watermelon to protect your skin from sun damage. Here is a collection of nearly effortless tips for your next big escape, whether it's camping on a riverbank or sunbathing at the shore.

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