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Assignment 2: Whole Grain Bread and Olive Oil
Dr. Oz's second assignment is a little snack before dinner that can make a big impact on your waistline.

For the next 14 days, Dr. Oz wants you to eat one slice of 100 percent whole grain bread lightly dipped in non-chemically processed extra virgin olive oil before every dinner. "[The bread has] B vitamins in it. It has fiber, which we've talked about is important for you," he says. "That's all good because it actually slows the movement of food through your stomach."

The olive oil, Dr. Oz says, is a healthy fat. "Remember, healthy fats are the ones that are liquid at room temperature in general, and olive oil has vitamin E in it," Dr. Oz says. "It's got all these cool little chemicals that work as antioxidants. If you combine them together, you're giving yourself wonderful nutrition to feed the liver."

Dr. Oz says this easy, yet powerful, combination will reduce the amount of food you'll eat at dinner and keep your fuller for longer amounts of time. "Dinner's our big meal where we make most of our mistakes," he says. These mistakes can lead to serious consequences, like heart attack or diabetes. Eating whole wheat bread and olive oil can reduce your risk for both, Dr. Oz says. "And you'll probably lose weight to boot."
FROM: Dr Oz: The Woman with the 140-Pound Tumor
Published on September 16, 2008
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