Introduction to Acupuncture
Angela is considering acupuncture to treat her shoulder pain.
Angela says she's been suffering with shoulder pain for a long time. She's seen doctors, had X-rays and tried massage, but nothing has worked. She's now considering acupuncture, but wants Dr. Oz to weigh in.

Just a few years ago, Dr. Oz says, many Western doctors would have written off acupuncture and other "alternative" medicines even though acupuncture could make sense for Angela. "Here's the irony—acupuncture has been around for 2,500 years in China," Dr. Oz says. "There are a billion people in another part of the world who use these therapies."

Dr. Oz introduces her to acupuncturist Daniel Hsu, who takes Angela backstage for a full acupuncture treatment on her pained shoulder. Will it work? Keep reading to find out!