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DAY 1: TAKING STOCK continued…

7. Make a doctor's appointment so you can get the medical tests you need.

8. Answer these questions.

  • Are you living life from (A) fear or from (B) passion?
  • Are you playing life (A) to avoid losing or (B) to win?
  • Are your goals based on (A) preserving the status quo or (B) achieving growth?

If you answered (A) to any of them, it's an indication that you're not moving forward in life. Remember, the only times that your vital signs are completely stable are when you're dead. Like sharks, we need to keep moving in order to live fully.

9. Ask yourself these questions to really determine whether you're really happy.

  • Are you happy most of the time?
  • Are you as happy now as you were 5 years ago?
  • Are you still expecting much from life?
  • Do your days seem to be passing quickly?
  • Are you often sad less than 10 percent of the time?

We obviously want you to have positive answers for these questions. If you're not there, our program, as well as professional help, can help you get there.

10. Ask three strangers how old you are. Asking friends and family doesn't count, since they either know or have a vested interest in not hurting your feelings. This will help give you some kind of baseline as to how others perceive you—based on appearance and demeanor—and can be a strong indicator of how healthy you actually are. In addition, you can ask a friend you trust to be honest with you about how you are aging compared to others.

11. Ask your friends what your three biggest strengths are. Identify how you best use them.