Dr. Oz discusses the effects of a prescription drug addiction.
Whether you know it—or want to admit it—Dr. Oz says someone in your life is probably battling a prescription addiction right now. If you have a loved one who can't go a day without a pill, Dr. Oz says he or she is addicted to it.

Since you don't have to inject, snort or smoke these drugs, some consider a prescription drug dependency more "socially acceptable" than heroin, crack or coke. But, Dr. Oz says, the effects are just as devastating.

"If you're going to the drugstore to pick them up or accessing them legally through the Web, then for a lot of folks, that passes the litmus test. So you can trick your moral barometer, but what you don't trick is your physical skills to cope with the addictions," he says. "That's where the bottom falls out."
FROM: Dr. Oz Reports: Prescription Pill Intervention
Published on September 29, 2009
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