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Frank and Elaine also fail basic fitness tests like push-ups, walking and balance. The final test is the Biophysical250, a cutting-edge blood test that measures 250 different health markers, from cholesterol, iron and sugar levels to vitamin D and hormone levels. When he gets the results, Frank realizes just how serious his health is. His triglycerides—or fat in the blood that causes deadly artery-blocking plaque—are twice the level they should be. "If I took your blood and put it in a test tube and just held it there for about 10 minutes, I would see a layer of fat settle out," Dr. Oz says.

High triglycerides combined with Frank's elevated blood pressure are a possibly deadly combination. "When I see these numbers, I think, as a heart surgeon, 'He's pre-op.' One day I'll get to operate on you and I'll think, 'Will I cut here to here? Where should I make the incision to get to the heart? After I make the cut and open the bone in half with a [bone] saw, will he be able to bowl again?'" Dr. Oz says. "What I'm really telling you, Frank, is I'm looking at a man who is going to die at least 15 years prematurely."

"I've got to change my life and it's got to go quickly," Frank says.
FROM: Dr. Oz on Aging: How to Turn Back Time, Part 2
Published on January 01, 2006
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