The Ultimate Beauty Morning
Dr. Oz reveals how to manage your morning schedule for a healthier, more beautiful you all day long.

6 am
Wake up before your alarm clock after seven to eight hours of sleep. You may have to get up a little earlier (or later) than 6 a.m., depending on your particular schedule and lifestyle. Seven or eight hours is the amount of time your body needs to recharge; plus, sleep is the major stimulant for your natural growth hormone, which keeps skin taut and vibrant.

When you wake up, take a few minutes for an inventory of the way your body feels—specifically the minor aches and pains that may subconsciously distract you from the focus of your life. When you wake up, perform a few light stretches. Take just a few minutes to get your blood going, think about your breathing and prepare yourself for your day. While you meditate to the sensations of your body, dream about one big idea you want to pursue today.