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Do you have trouble getting to sleep? You're not aloneā€”Dr. Oz says 60 percent of Americans suffer from insomnia. Kris, a working mother of three, says she is an extreme insomniac and often goes five days with little to no sleep. 

Watch Kris's video diary of what she calls a typical night in hell. Watch

Although Kris says her body is tired, it won't let her sleep. Eventually, she will give up and cook a meal, clean the house and even bake a cake. "It's really, really ridiculous that I can't get any sleep. My body just won't shut down once it hits the pillow. My physical body is exhausted," she says.

Dr. Oz says women often have more trouble sleeping than men do. "It's more women than men in part because of hormones and in part because of the way women deal with anxiety in their lives," Dr. Oz says.

That inability to fall asleep can lead to serious problems, Dr. Oz says. "Probably 100,000 motor vehicle accidents alone [occur] because of insomnia. They also increase heart attack rates, stroke rates. A lot of things are associated," Dr. Oz says.
FROM: Dr. Oz Investigates Night Terrors
Published on January 01, 2006
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