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It's natural to have sweaty hands when you're nervous or excited, but what happens when you have them all the time? Oprah Show producer Brad says his palm sweat is excessive.

"Working here at the show, I get to meet a lot of people, a lot of guests that come to the show. I'm terrified to shake people's hands because my hands sweat all day long," he says. "They drip of sweat. They're always wet."

Dr. Oz says Brad has something called hyperhidrosis—excessively sweaty hands, palms and feet. "It's about 1 percent of Americans who complain about this, but in some cultures, Asian cultures, the numbers are 10, 20 times higher than that," Dr. Oz says. Hyperhidrosis is normally a harmless condition, Dr. Oz says, but it can sometimes be linked to thyroid issues and diabetes.

Dr. Oz recommends Brad cut out all caffeine and chocolate. "That's got to be gone," he says. "That turns the spout on." Brad can also look into medical grade antiperspirants for his hands, such as aluminum chloride. "There's a little water bath setup that you can put your hands in, and you put low dosage electricity through it. It actually helps your sweat glands dry up," Dr. Oz says. "Also, you can get Botox in the axilla [a gland near the armpit]."

Surgery is another option, but not one Dr. Oz feels is necessary for Brad. "The operation is called a sympathectomy," Dr. Oz says. "I personally wouldn't get an operation for sweaty hands."
FROM: Dr. Oz Investigates Night Terrors
Published on January 01, 2006
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