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Although Kristin may be small, her parents, Mike and Cinda, say she can do anything she sets her mind to. With a few modifications made to the wheel and peddles of her car, Kristin can even drive. "Why shouldn't we be able to?" she says. "I mean, we're like everybody else."

Simple tasks, like doing the laundry, can become a big job for a little person. "A lot of people don't really think about laundry, but for other people, it can be hard and challenging," Kristin says. "The world is made for big people, not for short-stature people. So we just want people to understand our situation."

Just like other 26-year-olds, Kristin loves to shop. "I get clothes from all over," she says. "We have to look around, but they're there." Kristin says buying clothes in children's sizes doesn't bother her. "As long as they look grown up," she says.

Kristin may be a medical miracle, but she says she doesn't want to be treated differently. "I do have hopes and dreams for myself, just like everybody else," she says. "I mean, everybody has feelings. Everybody has problems. I'm like everybody else."

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