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Their next challenge is to kneel on the floor, put a hand on the cabin's dirty floor and then lick their fingers. While most people older than 2 years old would find this gross...some of these OCD sufferers find it unthinkable. "What type of anxiety you see on our face is just a fraction of what we feel inside," Kate says. "The sheer terror, anxiety and fear is just so incredibly extreme, it's just almost indescribable."

"Dirty world" gets even dirtier when Dr. Grayson makes everyone stomp on their brand new bed linens and towels with their filthy shoes.

Dr. Grayson says the reason he has his therapy patients do these disgusting things is because it's truly not a big deal. "Normally, people say, 'I would never touch a floor and eat.' But I bet many people chew on pens, and their pens have touched the floor," he says. "How many times do you actually wash your hands before you give your kid a snack? There are all these times when people without OCD do this, but they don't realize. In a way, consistency is the measure of severity. When [people with OCD] have a problem, they always know."

Dr. Oz says living with OCD is the exact opposite of living in the moment. "When you have OCD, you're so caught up in your own thoughts about why life's not 100 percent the way it has to be that it traps you," he says. "If you can understand how to live life by embracing your biggest fears and turning those fears into your power source to let go of them, to make peace with the world as it is around you and to realize you're not your thoughts ... that's one of the biggest lessons. All of us here have that same challenge."
FROM: Dr. Oz Goes to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Camp
Published on May 30, 2008
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