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Unlike the other boot camp participants, Corbin's mental compulsions aren't easily explained. While Brian fears germs and Kathy has an obsession with death, Corbin says his anxiety is triggered by what he calls "cosmic contaminations and hypersuperstitions."

To put it simply, every positive thought Corbin has becomes connected to a negative thought. "From that point on, when I think about that positive thought, I'm also going to think about that negative thought," he says. "Everything that I do, I try to keep in this completely perfect, purified kind of environment."

Corbin compares himself to a bride planning her wedding day. "If you were a bride-to-be, and the closer you got to that wedding, you'd want to make sure that the catering was going to be perfect and the flowers were going to be perfect," he says. "The stress of that for the bride may only happen once in a lifetime. For me, that moment, that intensity of that moment, could happen every five minutes."

Dr. Oz says patients like Corbin benefit from being around others battling OCD. "What really impressed me was how they healed each other," he says. "They understood each other so much better than I could even begin to imagine these problems. That's what being human is all about."
FROM: Dr. Oz Goes to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Camp
Published on May 30, 2008
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